NTS hackathon is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and others.

Phostalgia (photo + nostalgia)

- Phostalgia is a mixed word using photo and nostalgia. Its aim is to deliver emotional memories by filtering photographs based on weather, music, and location.
- To build up this project, our team(Daihee Lee, Baeyeong, Wonjun Kim, Jungmok Lim) used react.js, react redux, google map api, and sk planet weather api.
- View source code: https://github.com/shlee1353/phostalgia
- We won the best UI/UX design.

Feature 1 - sorting by the weather

The main featue of phostalgia is the distinctive classfication system for a large amount of photographs. Each photo has its own metadata called EXIF(EXchangable Image File format) that provides the date and time the picture was taken. Thanks to the information, phostalgia can compare the current weather with the past one and finally sort out them.

Feature 2 - photo effects

To make photographs look so fancy and attractive, phostalgia offers three types of photo effects such as original, black and white, and vinette.

Feature 3 - music & location

Phostalgia plays music that perfectly fits the current selected photo based on its weather condition. People also can find out where the pictures were taken.