Motion graphics combine bits of video, text, imagery and sound and present big pieces of information to the viewer at a fast pace. They offer a more modern way to reach customers and can position our brand as forward thinking.

GolfBuddy VS4 Feature/Manual Video

Client : GolfBuddy (Oct 1st, 2014)
Members : adCREASIANs (Ted Park, Joon Lee, and Seungho Lee)
- ceated a high-quality video intro and outtro by usingAfter Effects and Illustrator CC
- introduced functions of VS4 by rotating 3D elements and changing its screen


Motion Graphic Demo Reel

During my university years, I put a lot of effort into developing my skills and knowledge about motion graphic. To achieve my goals, I learned many different styles and techniques to create a fast and high dynamic motion design piece. This demo reel proves how each technical method creates great visual effects.
- Tracer Object, MoGraph Transition, Paper Folding, Motion Drop, Pose Morph, PolyFX, Cloner, Attractor, Metaball.